Posted by: SyMedica | March 17, 2015

I Now Provide Group and Family Therapy ONLINE…Think better, Feel Better, Live Better!

Adolescents in turmoil after the school day …Chronic Pain Patients needing support without leaving home…Licensed health professionals needing a Caduceus Group…Families who can’t meet for family therapy because of tough family schedules. What they now have in common is I offer these group therapy, individual therapy , and family therapy as online  interventions by secure tele-medicine. After years of doing Caduceus Groups for medical professionals online, even Intensive Outpatient Therapy, I have been encouraged by my colleagues to offer the groups prime time for those who have a difficult time traveling to therapy or who are in need of an emotional support.

If you know of someone who you would refer my services online, I would greatly appreciate your sharing the word. This is something I have been doing since 1999, after a few years working as a member of the American Telemedicine Association as a member of the behavioral health strategy planning committee.

Online therapy is so very effective, and less costly by a long shot from traditional methods. What studies have shown is online therapy is the most beneficial modality of care for adolescents and children. I teach courses in the method to other healthcare professionals, so with their encouragement, here goes! Find out more by going to my page on Psychology Today...

As always, I’m available for you and those whom you care for and love.


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