Posted by: SyMedica | August 22, 2014

Life Needs a Pillow…Revisited

Here is an update to “life Needs a Pillow” which was published in February, 2014…

I am a frequent flier. I cannot remember ever flying on a busy day that I didn’t see a teen age girl carrying a pillow through the airport. This last trip by air to Tri Cities I say what looked like a senior adult lady carrying a pillow tucked and clutched under both arms in the front of her chest trapsing through ATL D concourse.

I was insidious envious. You see, I was on my way to see my dad in ICU in Kingsport, Tn.,  and I was anxious, out of my gourd. I needed a pillow.

Think about it. We spend more time with our pillow and any other device in our world. It knows our tears. Our sleeplessness is well known to its constitution. It hears our sobs. 8 more or less hours
a a day if knows where we are and what is our condition….

I did a word search in scripture and the word “pillow” as translated is found only once in scripture, Mark 4:38. Jesus  was sleeping on a pillow during a horrific storm that caused fear among his followers. He had not one worry in the world.

Sometimes life just needs that close, abiding, comforting pillow, especially when life raises its ugly head, like those  sweet girls and  ladies flying in uncertain airplanes.

Laura bought me a gift about a month ago….a pillow. Its supposed to be awaiting me when I get home. Its supposed to be one of those really nice bamboo jobs because my neck hurts all the time, especially when I sleep. Yet didn’t/wont wait. The uncertainty of my dad’s illness, this twilight he is suffering between life and death caused me to ask one of the nurses for a pillow…

It hides my weary eyes, my fear, and with ease I pray into the pillow, as if it a prayer closet.

Where is your piilow? Find it; be good to it; keep it clean. Don’t give it to someone else to use. You need it.

Its just because sometimes life needs a pillow….Need one? Write me and I’ll tell you where to go find just the right one.

Vividly the other day in ICU I had a familiar sight. As a child, I used to sneak in Dad’s bed room after school to see if Dad was home from working graveyard shift. There he would be, dressed in his tee shirt, both arms wrapped around his pillow, nudging his face into it’s comfort. He still does. In ICU, it was as if the Lord was saying all is well. There he was, face in s somber nudging that pillow. Thank you, Lord, for pillows.

The update? Here is Dad’s recent pictures after surviving his ordeal…

Life just needs a “pillow”.



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